Saturday, July 11, 2020

Wow, I haven't written on my blog in ages.  A lot has been going on, my mother is living with me now and she has Alzheimer's and I travel back in time with her to connect.  She is doing find with that aside.  We are living in strange times and I have a question for those who might read this.  I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, born and raised in North Philly.   I am 70 now, using my age as a reference.  In my early twenties,  I used to go out every night to the club.  I found a party partner who was from the Bronx in New York.  Need I say more.  I am bringing this up because when I would get home I noticed the odd smells in my community.  There is the odor of the area and the odor of chemicals or something that was not part of us.  I would also notice that when those odd odors were sprayed from the planes or helicopters at that time that more people would fight.  There would be deaths.  Because of my consciousness I look at what's happening now, the senseless murders taking place in the Afrikan American and Latino communities are NOT NORMAL.   THERE IS SOMETHING NOT RIGHT AND WE AS A PEOPLE AND COMMUNITIES ARE GOING TO HAVE TO TAKE A HARD LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING AND WHY THESE NOT SO RANDOM MURDERS ARE TAKING PLACE. 
      What's happening now at this time in our communities where the murders are escalating?  Where did this caronavirus in its present state come from?  Because it's been here in this country for years and the only species that had coronavirus were the cows.  And the farmers and doctors had a vaccine for the cows.  So my question is, where did this particular strain of coronavirus come from?   And why are we (Afrikans and Afrikan Americans and Latinos trusting people who have been ADVOCATING OUR DEMISE FOR YEARS TO MAKE, DISTRIBUTE AND FORCE ALL AFRIKANS AND AFRIKAN AMERICANS TO BE THE FIRST TO TAKE THE VACCINE MADE TO KILL US?  TO HELP DEPOPULATION.   I Believe that the shootings especially mass shootings are being done to instill fear.  The environment we are living in right now wearing a mask all the time is not NORMAL.   We are being set up to stay in the house because of money.   All these wireless phone companies are RADIATING us to death.  We are going to have to revisit the CB'S, AND OTHER TECHNOLOGY THAT DOES NOT LITERALLY KILL US.   THESE COMPANIES VERIZON,  COMCAST,  TMOBILE AND SPRINT KNOW THAT WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COME OUT AND DO NORMAL THINGS AND BUSINESS WITHOUT BEING RADIATED.   AND EVERY SO CALLED SPECIALIST IN THEIR FIELD WHO IS SAYING IT IS SAFE TO BE SURROUNDED BY CELLS RADIATING OFF THE CHARTS SHOULD KEEP THEIR JOB.  SO MY SUGGESTION IS THAT EVERY ONE BUY A RADIATION DETECTOR, SCAN YOUR HOME, OUTSIDE YOUR HOME TO SEE THE RADIUS OF THE RADIATION EXPOSURE TO YOUR HOME, AROUND YOUR HOME AND WITHIN YOUR HOME, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN, YOUNG BABIES WHO WOULD BE EXPOSED TO RADIATION COMING FROM THOSE 5G TOWERS.  WE NEED TO COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER BECAUSE THESE BASTARDS ARE TRYING TO MAKE BILLIONS AT THE RISK AND COST OF AMERICAN LIVES.  TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK.

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